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Princess Jahzara
Princess Jahzara
Item#: CFPR-101

Product Description

Our new Princess Surprise Balls® are packed full of goodies fit for petite royalty, including glittery gemstone jewelry, ruby-red lip whistles, sparkling crown hair combs, lucky charms and some of our hysterical tongue twisters to name a few. Princess Jahzara is just one of three Surprise Ball princesses in a collection of four (we couldn't forget the frog prince!) There's a party inside each ball with jokes, riddles and tongue twisters that'll keep 'em laughing. Try saying this one fast; "Irish wristwatch, Irish wristwatch, Irish wristwatch!" Ten fun girly, glittery prizes wrapped inside each ball.

Be sure to check out our original Surprise Balls for Girls too, in an assortment of fun, party colors.

Item #: CFPR-101

Price: $18.95

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